CRJFC 100 Club

Our 100 Club is open to all members, non members, friends and family who are aged 18 years and over. This is a vital fund raising initiative to help the club support Community Projects and Charitable causes and to help with replacing club equipment and invest in it’s facilities. Please complete the form below to Join.

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Rules of the 100 Club

  1. The 100 Club will operate as a Small Lottery as defined by the Gambling Act 2005.
  2. The object of the Club is to raise funds for Clifton Rangers JFC.
  3. The Club’ shall be administered by the Management Committee and all monies held by the Treasurer. The Treasurer will arrange all payments of prizes. As many members as possible to the Executive will attend the draw but there will always be an independent person in attendance to witness the draw and to certify the results.
  4. Anybody over 18 years can become a member of the 100 Club and you are encouraged to get family and friends to join. The 100 Club shall not be limited to 100 members. The more shares/numbers we sell, the bigger the prizes!
  5. Members must fill in an application form
  6. The subscription to the 100 Club for one number/share shall be £5 per Month payable by Direct Debit via GoCardless.  This will give members one number which will be placed into the Monthly Draw . Members may have and are encouraged to have multiple subscriptions.
  7. A member is eligible for inclusion in the draw so long as the subscription for that month has been paid.
  8. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the Club if his or her renewal of subscription remains unpaid by the 15th of the month.
  1. There shall be one prize draw per month. The draw for each month shall be made as close to the end of each month as arrangements reasonably allow.
  2. The regular monthly prize fund will be 75% of the monthly Income. The remaining 25% of the net payments will be allocated to Clifton Ranger JFC fundraising account for Charity Donations and Coach Education. There will be three prizes in all months except December and June:-  
  1. In the months of December (Christmas Draw) and June (Presentation Draw) the prizes will be as follows
  1. The 100 Club administrators will make all reasonable efforts to pay or post prizes to the winners within a reasonable period after the monthly draw.
  2. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into the Clifton Rangers JFC  fundraising account after 6 months.
  3. The decision of the Clifton Rangers JFC Committee shall be final in all matters requiring adjudication.
  4. The Clifton Rangers JFC Committee shall also have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion with such reasonable notice to the 100 Club members as is necessary