In order to Transfer to Clifton Rangers JFC,  You must have returned ALL your kit and paid up ALL outstanding fees to the club you are leaving before we will sanction a transfer. This includes any fines that are pending.


    • Firstly you must inform the Manager of our Team at Clifton Rangers JFC that you wish to Transfer to them
    • Once they have confirmed it is acceptable,  please then complete our Online Registration Form which includes our Direct Debit
    • Once this is completed, we will formally approach the club you are leaving to initiate a Transfer. We will then check with the Clubs Secretary if you have any outstanding business with them.
    • Notice of Approach last for 7 days and in that time you cannot train or play with our club. After this period we will advise you if we can proceed with the transfer or if we are putting this on hold. If you have any outstanding business with the club you are leaving, we will not sanction the transfer until this is resolved.
    • If the transfer is successfully completed, the Manager will advise you when you are eligible to play for the Team.